We are a family of 5 … Sue, Judy, Jack (13), Brady (10) and Quinn a 5 ½ year old little girl with Kleefstra Syndrome. It is an extremely rare condition with currently less than 500 people in the whole world diagnosed. She is mentally and physically delayed. Quinn has been working really hard at learning how to walk.

Typical KS kids walk by the time they are 5 years old. So even amongst the delayed, she’s even delayed. But we feel like it is coming really soon! Quinn has been attending an intensive physical therapy program at the NAPA Center (Neurological and Physical Abilitation) Center in California.

This intensive model of therapy boasts more progress than in a traditional year of therapy. We have done 3 intensives so far, costing almost $10,000 each trip between therapy costs, food, car rental, airfare, hotel stay and not receiving pay. We have taken out a line of credit on our home, and pension loans too. We have zero in savings and we are finding it very difficult to continue these beneficial therapies for Quinn and make ends meet, let alone having two other kids to care for and make certain they do not have to go without. We need to go to this therapy three times a year, (the Doctor recommended amount), but the cost of the trip on top of not receiving pay for three weeks is out of the question right now.

I can’t even put into words what the thought of being able to provide this therapy program for Quinn and not having to worry about how we are going to pay the bills. Thank you for helping families like ours.

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