Nicole Ibbotson is an extremely proud and strong mother of two. Son Tyler is 20 and daughter Lily is now 9. Homers for Hope has been assisting Lily in her journey since she was diagnosed with a genetic predisposition tumor mutation called PTEN and a vascular abnormality which is one of the side effects of the gene.

They were later identified and stabilized as a Neuroblastoma which still has a small piece left right near her spine, (doctors left it alone after she relapsed because it is so close to her spine), and an AngioSarcoma which has been stable on her back too for a couple years also.

Recently, doctors found a tumor in her left thigh muscle and she’s been on low-dose oral chemo since school ended in June. She’s in good spirits besides some leg pain when running or walking a lot. Minimal side effects, rash, and stomach aches.

But this spot in her thigh and some additional vascular issues related to it will not get this girl down! She’s the same bubbly girl she always is!

Nicole works part-time school day hours as Lily is constantly seeing doctors. Nicole is trying to keep the family’s head above water and any donations will go to help the family keep the lights on and the roof over their head.

Thank you for your generosity.

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