Nicole Ibbotson is a single mother of two children.  Her 2 year old daughter Lilly was diagnosed with a childhood cancer in March of 2016. She has a tumor located in her airway and is often in respiratory distress due to its location.  Currently Nicole, Lilly and her 14 year old son Tyler live in a one-bedroom apartment near Horsham, PA.

Lily has had surgery and Chemo and was hospitalized for several weeks.  Nicole is unable to return to work until Lilly’s immune system becomes stronger, as Lilly cannot go back to daycare until that time.

Although Nicole receives some assistance, basic every needs, such as toiletries and gas, are difficult to afford given her situation.  There are numerous medical bills piling up and she is having a hard time keeping a roof over her family’s head and food on the table.  Nicole and her family are extremely grateful for any assistance you can provide.

So far, Homers For Hope has been able to pay for: 1 month of rent, and 1 phone bill. Additionally, the Ibbotson family will be the 2018 fall baseball family for the BLUE team!

If you want to help, please donate here.