Mario Lanza and his wife Tess live in their Northeast Philadelphia home with their 4 children (3 daughters and 1 son), and their 1 year old granddaughter. Mario has always been a great provider for his family, operating his own masonry business, but in January of 2012 that would all change. Mario was involved in a serious car accident and was severely injured. He would never be able to work again, in the only line of work he had ever known, due to the physical limitations of his injuries.

Mario had to have a surgery to fuse several vertebrae in his neck, and would require additional surgeries for his back, ultimately resulting in a spinal fusion. He also had severe concussion symptoms and several operations to repair his shoulder. Mario continues to experience a great deal of pain and limitations due to the extent of his injuries. Since the accident, Mario’s wife has taken a full time job at a hospital to make ends meet however, it is very difficult to support a family of seven on a single income.

Homers For Hope was able to pay for: 2 months of mortgage and utilities payments.

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