Mom Noelle, Dad Gabe and big sister Isabella, had no idea the extent of little Marisa’s illness when she was brought to the doctor on May 13, 2016. They thought she had a virus that just wouldn’t quit. She was pale, tired and just not herself. Little did they know their lives would change forever that day -they were told to go straight to CHOP because Marisa’s hemoglobin levels were extremely low.

Later that day, the doctors at CHOP informed them it looked like Leukemia. The next day Marisa had a bone marrow aspirate and spinal tap to officially confirm the diagnosis of B cell ALL Leukemia, all within less than 24 hours after being admitted. She will beat this, but it is a long road ahead. Please pray for Mighty Marisa! You can follow her fight on Facebook HERE. You can also donate to help her family HERE.

So far, Homers For Hope has been able to pay for: 3 car payments, 3 electric bills, 1 medical bill, 2 cable bills, 1 mortgage payment, 1 sewer and garbage payment. Additionally, the Nero family will be the 2017 fall baseball family for the RED team!

Please pray for Mighty Marisa! You can follow her fight on Facebook HERE.

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