On January 21st, 2014, then 4-year-old Leah suffered a traumatic brain injury from a fall that resulted in a occipital bone fracture, 2 brain bruises (frontal lobe and anterior lobe), 2 brain bleeds, her brain seized for 8 and a half hours, she had the highest grade concussion and was in a coma for 16 hours. Upon release from the hospital, Leah continued with post-traumatic seizures, difficulty with balance, mood and behavior issues, as well as ongoing headaches and dizziness.

After two years of outpatient physical and occupational therapy, Leah was finally cleared to attend school with continued support in PT and OT.

However, the day after Christmas in 2016, Leah fell again, re-aggravating her previous TBI and sustaining another high-grade concussion. Leah has been experiencing distractibility, limited attention, difficulty processing auditory and visual information, and deficits in executive functioning. Leah was hospitalized for 10 days, and since her release, is being treated 5 days a week at AI DuPont Hospital for Children in Delaware. Leah’s days now consist of Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Behavioral Therapy, and an hour of general school, all taking place at DuPont. Currently, Leah has many restrictions, one of which is school. In order for Leah to receive the required treatment, her mother Jackie must be out of work for the foreseeable future.

In addition to her mom Jackie, Leah receives tremendous support from her dad John, 16 year old sister Alyssa, and 9 year old brother Luke, who are all thankful to be part of the Homers for Hope family and for any assistance you can provide. Leah has a long road ahead of her, but will undoubtedly come out on top.

So far, Homers For Hope has been able to pay for: 1 month of rent and cable. Additionally, the   Norbeck-Ladislaw family will be the 2017 Summer Softball Derby and Summer Softball Tournament family!

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