Donna Marie Phillips has a few jobs like stocking shelves, trying to make ends meet, and one of them is a school bus driver in Douglasville, which is in the Western Half of Chester County PA.

Things were not always this way.

 Donna finds herself suddenly supporting a family of five (her, her husband and three children) in a cramped 2 bedroom apartment unit. Her 39 year old husband (who suffers from a genetic defect called a Chiari Malformation is a condition in which brain tissue protrudes into the spinal canal. As a result of the obstruction of the normal pathways of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), a build up of fluid on the brain (hydrocephalus) or in the spine (syringomyelia) may occur. It is located at the base of the skull and top of the spine and causes pain, dizziness, lack of motion and other issues.

He was a well-known laborer in their area as he worked for a painting & power washing company for 18+ years.  He was doing some side work for their landlord at one of his properties about 1 year and 4 months ago.  He fell off the roof severely aggravating his condition, and had major damage to his back, neck, sacral and shoulders requiring surgeries.

He also has a cyst (intrsacral meningeal cyst) located at the bottom of the spine that has now remodeled his sacrum and has become very fragile and requiring surgery as soon as all details can be arranged. The main doctor to appropriately repair this is out of state and not accepting his current insurance. He has been unable to return to work and ultimately has lost his job. He since has taken another fall down a flight of steps that leads from his apartment outside and sustained a severe sprain similar to whiplash and a concussion which further aggravated his conditions.

They had plans to move into a bigger place before his accident as he was the primary breadwinner and she stayed at home raising the kids, but they have had to cut everything back that they can, as he cannot work.  The good news is that he was very recently approved for disability.

A Homers for Hope Emergency Fund grant has helped get them back to what might be considered their new normal. But going forward they will have the disability and any other income Donna can provide until the kids can get jobs too.

Your generous donations at previous home run derbies and various baseball programs partially fund the Homers for Hope emergency fund, and are the reason that we are able to help Donna and families just like the Phillips.

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