Meet the Scott Family from Havertown, PA.

The Scott family of Havertown has been going through a challenging time since Jeff (father) survived a serious stroke in December 2021, one week after a full knee replacement and 2 days after his 64th birthday. With hard work he has regained some mobility and the capacity to talk and swallow, but the stroke has impacted his entire right side including his right lung.

His left side is now his stronger side, though the left knee was never fully rehabbed after its replacement. Jeff can take a few steps with the help of a walker and under the watchful eye of a family member, therapist, or caregiver. He plans to continue working to improve and gain independence with physical, occupational and speech therapy. But mostly Jeff spends his days in a wheelchair and is getting help from home health aids for his basic needs, while his wife Xenia continues to work full time at a local nonprofit.

Despite the life-changing and stressful setbacks, Jeff is still the same gregarious and social person he’s always been. While at Bryn Mawr Rehab Hospital in Malvern, he was popular with the nurses due to his constant jokes, his attempts to sing, and his interest in their well-being. One nurse in particular, even shared that Jeff reignited her spark for nursing and they’ve continued to stay in touch over a year after his discharge (When Jeff was cleared to swallow certain kinds of food, she even snuck him a piece of homemade sweet potato pie – even better than his mother’s recipe!)

His wife, Xenia, and their daughters, Lena, a sophomore at Haverford High School and Katya, a freshman at Brown University, have truly appreciated their friends, family, neighbors, and strangers who have been so supportive over the last year, helping with yard work, meals, shopping, dog walking and other tasks as needed. Prayers have been appreciated!

Because of Jeff’s anticipated limited mobility, the family would like to convert the garage to living space and a ground floor private bathroom for him. In addition, they would like to make some modifications to the kitchen and related issues (widening doorways, accessibility into the house, widening driveway) so the entire family can make use of their home. As Xenia’s time is limited as the primary breadwinner and parenting two teens, one of whom is struggling with diagnoses of ADD and an anxiety disorder, help with managing the construction permits and details would also be greatly appreciated.

Please support the Scott family by donating or sponsoring the May 6th Softball game VS. The MLB Player’s Alumni Association.

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