Hi my name is Alyssa Thorpe and I am writing this on behalf of my mom, Renee Firesinger Thorpe, who has devoted her life to helping others. She is a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. On June 19, 2021 her life changed drastically. She was celebrating my grandmom’s birthday and as the party ended, she gathered grandmom and my great aunt to take them home. My mom was helping our disabled aunt into the car when she fell backwards on my mom knocking them both to the ground. My mom fell into the asphalt, hitting her head hard on the driveway.

As she laid on the ground, she was lifeless. My dad and my mom’s sister helped her to her feet. Although, her sister insisted she go to the hospital, my mom was determined to make sure grandmom and my aunt got home safely. My cousin drove them home and my mom insisted that we follow them. Once she saw they were safely inside, my mom was thinking she wasn’t hurt too badly and decided to go to urgent care. Urgent care recognized the seriousness of her condition and sent her to Doylestown Hospital. While at Doylestown Hospital they found that my mom had suffered a traumatic brain injury. She was rushed to trauma ICU at St. Mary’s where she stayed for the next five days. She experienced a subdural hematoma (also known as a brain bleed), severe concussion and acute hypertension.

Prior to the accident, my mom worked two full-time jobs (with autistic young adults in the Central Bucks school district and as a care taker for a disabled young adult). She is also still raising our family (her and my dad have five children) in addition to her disabled nephew who lives with us. Life changed in that instant on that happy day of celebrating my grandmom’s birthday.

Since the accident, my mom is not able to work and depends on others for round-the-clock care. Immediately following the accident, she lost her ability to see, speak and walk. Although she has made tremendous progress, the doctors have conveyed that her recovery will be long and slow. She has difficulty balancing, is seeing double and cannot drive. She also has a large hematoma that causes non-stop migraines and she is very sensitive to sound. The doctors told us that the brain is a sensitive muscle that could take years to heal so she will not be able to work for months or possibly longer. Her speech has been severely impaired and although she knows the correct words when trying to articulate, she has problems with retrieval and pronunciation. My dad has taken leave of work to be her caregiver so the loss of income has been an additional hardship. My grandmom and siblings are a big help too. My parents have medical bills that continue to accrue, and her hospital and prescription deductibles are very high.

We desperately want to help my mom and our family stay focused on her healing by easing some of the financial burden. My parents have depleted their savings. We are asking for assistance to pay their monthly bills as well as mounting medical expenses that will not be covered by insurance. Any contributions will also help defray travel expenses for her care over the weeks and months to come. If you are able to give, any amount is greatly appreciated. If you are unable to give, we ask for your prayers and would be grateful if you can share this post with your friends and family. Thank you and God bless.

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